The impact of the controversy on Tom Cruise’s viral audio, the actor stopped the shooting of ‘Mission Impossible – 7’

The actor has stopped shooting for his film ‘Mission Impossible 7’ after the controversy over Tom Cruise’s viral audio. There are reports that he will spend his time in Dubai with the children.

Recently, an audio of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise went viral on social media. In this, Tom Cruise was threatening crew members for not following the Corona Guidelines on the set of his film Mission Impossible. He even threatened to expel many crew members. There are reports that 5 crew members left the film midway due to this anger of the actor. Now Tom Cruise has taken a big action on this whole matter.

Tom Cruise has stopped shooting for his film ‘MI-7’. According to the news, Tom Cruise has taken a break from this film and he will spend Christmas time in Dubai with his children. A source said that it is very difficult to continue the production of a film continuously for such a long time. This is the end of a difficult year. During this time it is a good idea to stay away from all these works for some time.



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You know, in his viral audio tape, Tom Cruise is heard threatening members. They are abusing crew members. They are saying that if they see such carelessness after today, then everyone’s job will go away. They do not want to close the film under any circumstances. Let me tell you that Tom Cruise is the actor and producer of the 7th part of ‘Mission Impossible’. When this part was being shot in Italy in February, it was the first film to stop shooting due to Kovid. Later, after a long wait, the shooting of this film started. The couple became angry at the negligence of Tom Crew members. People gave different reactions to their viral audio.


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