Amanda Cerny also supported farmers, popularly known as Jacqueline Fernandez’s ‘twin’

Actress and model Amanda Cerny has posted an Instagram supporting the farmer movement in India. After this, they are going viral on the Internet.
Amanda Cerny, famous actress, model and Jacqueline Fernandes’s ‘twin’, has also given her opinion on the ongoing peasant movement in India. Amanda Cerny has supported Indian farmers through an Instagram post. Earlier, famous singer Rihanna also supported the peasant movement happening in India.

Amanda Cerny shared a photo of three older women in her post. Together Amanda wrote, ‘The whole world is watching. You do not have to be Indian, Punjabi or South Asian to understand this issue. You should only have a caring spirit for humanity. Always demand common rights like the right to speak, the right to the press, equality for workers and dignity. ‘ See Amanda’s Cerny post…


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Who is Amanda Cerny?
Amanda Cerny is a famous actor and social media celebrity. Amanda Cerny has more than 25 million followers on Instagram. At the same time, Amanda’s Cerny channel on YouTube has around 28 lakh subscribers. Amanda Cerny is extremely close to Jacqueline Fernandes. She keeps posting about Jacqueline several times. The duo also runs a podcast called ‘Feel Good with Amanda Cerny and Jacqueline Fernandes’. She has also come to India for a concert. He then wrote on Instagram that he loves India.



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