Valentine Week Special: Shah Rukh Khan used to propose Gauri Khan, used these special keywords to call Gauri’s house

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s love story is quite amazing. In Valentines Week this week of love, we are telling you about the love story of big couples in the film world.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan pair is one of Bollywood’s most famous couples. Everyone looks at him like a perfect couple. The love story of both is also amazing. Shahrukh Khan has sold enough papad to get Gauri Khan. Now that Valentine’s Week is going on, we are telling you how Shahrukh Khan proposed Gauri Khan and how the two became each other.

When the two first met, Gauri Khan was 14 and Shahrukh Khan was 19 at the time. In 1984, the two got their eyes on each other at a party going on at Panchsheel Club in Delhi. Shahrukh Khan fell in love with Gauri Khan at the first sight. After this, Shahrukh would have reached there in advance to whichever party Gauri Khan would have expected. During the third meeting, Shah Rukh Khan asked Gauri Khan for the number.

Gauri’s Khan family members were very strict. Shahrukh Khan was very positive about Gauri Khan. Meanwhile, Gauri Khan went to Mumbai without telling Shahrukh Khan. As soon as Shahrukh Khan came to know, he immediately moved from Delhi to Mumbai. Whenever he called Shahrukh Khan Gauri’s Khan house, he would talk to his friend. His friends would call his name ‘Shaheen’. As soon as Gauri Khan comes to know that Shaheen has a phone then she understands that Shahrukh Khan has called. Many times both of them had meetings by sitting on the pool side.



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Shahrukh Khan proposed Gauri Khan in this way

Both started walking and going on a date. Meanwhile, one day when Shah Rukh Khan went to leave Gauri Khan, Gauri Khan was getting off the car that day, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I will marry you.” After this, he left without hearing Gauri’s Khan answer. Later, the relationship slowly turned into deep love and both vowed to live with each other.



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Both were married twice
Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were of different religions and due to this, their families lodged a lot of objections. However, he understood that the two would not accept without getting married. Eventually the family agreed and they said yes to marriage. Then Gauri Khan-Shahrukh Khan got married first to Muslim customs and then to Hindu customs.


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