Salman Khan had to interfere when Priyanka Chopra said, ‘Chadiyaan should be seen’

Priyanka Chopra has made many shocking revelations related to her life in her book ‘Unfinished’. He has also written his bitter experiences of the film industry in this book which is quite shocking.

Priyanka Chopra’s memoir ‘Unfinished’ has launched on Tuesday. In this, he has made many revelations related to his life. In this book he also mentions many bitter experiences of Bollywood. In the book, he mentions an incident in which the director told him that panties should be seen.

One had to remove clothes for singing
According to reports, Priyanka Chopra has written about the shoot of a song. In this seductive song, he had to undress one by one. If the song was long enough, Priyanka Chopra asked the director if he should wear another layer so that the clothes do not come off soon.

The director said, why would people come to see the picture?
Priyanka Chopra writes further, the director said that I should talk to my stylist. I told him the situation on the phone and gave it to the phone director. Standing in front of me, the director said, ‘Whatever, the chadis should be seen. Otherwise, why would people come to see the picture?


Angry, the director reached the set of the second film
Priyanka Chopra writes in the book that she left the project the next day. She wrote, I was ready to become a completely woozy song. The director’s words and tone made me feel that he had accepted me the way he took me. The director’s color faded after Priyanka Chopra left the film. He then angrily reached the set of another film of his. Then Priyanka’s Chopra co-star Salman Khan had to interfere in this matter.


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