Flight Teaser created a stir as soon as it was released, the fans said ‘create a ruckus like Shahrukh Khan …’

Flight Teaser Fan Reactions: Seeing the teaser of the movie ‘Flight’, the fans have stopped beating and they are constantly demanding the makers to release the trailer.

Flight Teaser Fan Reactions: Ever since the Bollywood film industry started releasing films on OTT, the audience has become silver. A mix of new storylines, tight directions and great screenplays, these films are giving a tough competition to the big budget Bollywood films. Audiences saw many such films in the year 2020 and the beginning of the year 2021 is also going to be from one such film, whose teaser has hit the internet as soon as its release.

Yes, we are talking about the artist Mohit Chadda starrer film Flight, whose teaser was released on YouTube a few hours ago. This teaser does not give much information about the story of the film ‘Flight’, but much has been known that the film will appear to revolve around a flight, in which a person aboard to fulfill the insistence of staying alive Will appear to cross all limits. Cinematographers have not seen such a thriller for a long time, due to which they are very excited to see ‘Flight’ in theaters.


After watching the teaser of the film ‘Flight’, the fans are constantly praising it by commenting. One fan commented under the teaser, writing, ‘Seeing the picture, it was Shahrukh Khan’s film … and who thought it like that?’ Then another fan wrote, ‘What a wonderful teaser Is… Waiting for this film makes the boss…. ’

You can see the comments of fans below:

Talking of the starcast of the film ‘Flight’, it will feature actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Mohit Chadha, Pawan Malhotra, Zakir Khan, Vivek Vaswani and Shibani Bedi in the lead roles. The film ‘Flight’ is directed by Sooraj Joshi and produced by it. Chadha, Mohit Chadha, Suraj Joshi and Rohit Chadha. How did you like the teaser of the movie ‘Flight’, do let us know by commenting.

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